How to use RCEK Directory

Create your user RCEK

How to evaluate and add comments to a listing

How to add an Ad compaign to your listing

Your RCEK Dashboard


If you have completed the simple and unique registration process at this address:
– then, go to:
– and log in using your “username” or “email address” and the “password” you used during the registration process.

You can watch this video:

RCEK is optimized for any computer running Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Firefox 3, Chrome and Safari. Note: Your screen resolution must be at least 600×800.

Yes. You can view Rcek on any mobile device.

Facebook Connect is a way for users to use their Facebook username and password to access their Rcek account. Note: If you register using Facebook Connect, you must make your password changes through Facebook.

There are two ways how to add and publish your ad on Rcek:

  1. You click directly on the button “Add an announcement” on the page Rcek at the top right
  2. On the home page just after the cities to visit, select your pack and click “Continue”

When you create the page of your listing, you can add images to illustrate your business that will appear at the top of the page. Beautiful photos are a good way to make visitors to discover your business. You can download images that illustrate your page at the bottom of this page then go to in the “Drap & Drop your files here”


  • The ideal number of photos to download is 3-4 images.
  • Allowed formats are jpg, jpeg, png Put good quality photos
  • The size of the photos is not limited The weight of the photos must be less than 1.5MB
  • The photos are displayed as a galery that scrolls through the images.

You can not display a Facebook or Tweeter banner like .Click here to see an example of displaying artwork photos

You just signed up and can not sign in?

  1. The password has been sent to you by email
  2. Check your junk mail
  3. Request a new password :Join us> Forgotten password> Get a new password
  4. Sign in and change your password in your “Dashboard”> “My Profile” Change your photo because it’s more fun ?

To change your email address, go to your private profile page (Update Profile) and then go to the “Update Password” section. Please note that if you are logged in through Facebook, Tweeter or Google+ account you will not be able to change the email address associated with your Rcek account unless you edit it directly in your Facebook, Tweeter or Google+  ?

You can reset your password by following these steps:

  1. In the Rcek home page, click on “Login” and find the link “Forgotten password”.
  2. Submit the email address you used to register to receive instructions to reset your password.
  3. Retrieve the instructions in your mailbox. Check the spam folder as needed and change your settings to accept emails from Note: If step 2 is run many times, the most recent temporary password must be used.

To choose your password, please respect these rules: ·

  • Minimum of 6 characters
  • Maximum of 16 characters Password tips

You must change your password if you believe your account has been subject to suspicious activity. Do not use personal information, such as your name or date of birth.

Unique visitors are different visitors who have accessed your ad at least once.

Visits are the number of times customers have viewed your Rcek page.

Rcek clicks reflect the fact that you are attracting the attention of potential customers through interactive content on your Rcek page or your website. From social features, iterative maps, videos and up to reviews and comments, customers are in constant search for content.

Clicks are the number of times a customer shows interest in your business profile by clicking on various items on your Rcek page.

Please follow the instructions given in the error message. If you continue to see this message, please write to

A compaign allows your ad to appear more often in all searches made by a user. There are 3 types of compaigns:

  1. Display random ads (10 CAD / Month):  These ads will appear in various places across the site where the site administrator has defined. Usually on non-directory ad pages such as Home, About Us, Contact Us, Blog Articles…etc…
  2. Show details Pag Ads (20 CAD / Month) :These ads will appear at the bottom right of the individual ads in a single design
  3. Show ads in search and taxonomy (50 CAD / Month) :These ads will appear on search results or on the ad category page.

The best way to promote your business and make it visible on our directory is to talk about it around you! Word of mouth remains the best means of communication. We also advise you to create advertising campaigns following this guide  and share your page on your blogs / sites / social networks to solicit your community rate and evaluate your business! This will improve your visibility to users and the confidence they have in you. We can also consider a collaboration to make you gain visibility like contests, writing articles on the blog …

Yes, it is possible to create a page for each of your branchs, however to be validated, each description must be UNIQUE. Duplicate content will not be published. Our recommendation is to create a single page for all your business and provide all the necessary details.

Your business is already listed on RCEK and you want to start administering

your page to reach new customers? Go to the page concerned then, in the right column, click on “Owner or work here? Claim now! ” Follow the instructions that are displayed. After verification, we will validate your account. You will then be able to start editing your information, add photos, respond to your customers’ opinions.

Our site accepts two multiplatform reservation systems that you can integrate directly to your page: TimeKit and Resurva. The integration of a booking system requires that you open an account on one of the two platforms beforehand. Then this is very easy. You must go to your Dashboard> Booking> Resurva / Timekit. For Resurva, simply add the URL of your booking module:

See the Resurva documentation:

For Timekit, you must create your Widget and add it in the appropriate box:

See the Timekit documentation:

Your customers can now book a table and a hotel room online!

NB: We have no to your transactions or the details of your reservations access at any time.