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Include marketing video, your products and servics,a contact form, your branding and much more


Easy to add your listing, create and edit your business profile and make your business more visible


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RCEK is created by a group of Kabyle entrepreneurs established in Montreal, Canada, who originally wanted to create an employers' organization with the aim of uniting all Kabyle businesses and professionals in order to create business opportunities and networking on a large scale, thus enabling the diaspora to play its role as a catalyst for development and technology transfer and know-how. The Kabyle Business Network (RCEK) is a directory of all Kabyle entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world. RCEK will allow you to register your contact details as professional and that of your company, and the directory engine will index you and your business by category and location to allow visitors and potential customers to find you and get in touch with you directly without going through any intermediary. The directory will allow your customers to rate your services and products with stars ranging from completely satisfied with 5 stars to not satisfied at all with a one star, and will also allow them to write comments about their experience in doing business with you.